So Bad, It’s Good 2: Electric Bookaloo
So Bad, It's Good 2: Electric Bookaloo
Every bad movie deserves a sequel that's bigger, louder, and more ridiculous than the original. There are always more hilariously terrible films waiting to be laughed at, and So Bad, It's Good 2: Electric Bookaloo is designed to help you find new movies that you'll love for all the wrong reasons. From the cheesy action flicks of the 1980s to the latest advances in awful filmmaking, this second book in the So Bad, It's Good series features more outrageous plots, terrible special effects and laughable dialogue for you to enjoy on your next bad movie night. Alongside reviews of dozens of the best bad movies and television shows ever created, So Bad, It's Good 2 also includes contributions from critic Allison Pregler (Movie Nights), actor Greg Sestero (The Room), director Colin Theys (Alien Opponent) and a foreword by Cecil Trachenburg (Good Bad Flicks).
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